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I see Kinesiology as one of the most important developments for health and wellbeing in the 20th century. It continues to evolve today as a tool for activating and living your highest potential. I have worked as a Kinesiologist for 17 years and witnessed people's health and lives transformed through kinesiology. During that time, I have also written kinesiology courses adding to the wisdom and techniques within this modality, created a training school and training courses. I have watched my students being empowered through their own work as Kinesiologists.
The Brisbane Kinesiology Centre is my latest creation. A clinic specialising in Kinesiology with highly-skilled Kinesiologists, giving clients a unique blend of the latest developments in coaching kinesiology and energy medicine.

For the first time in seven years I have No pain in my neck. Thank you Sarah-Jane; its back into the ocean and surfing for me. I am completely blown away by our treatment today, thank you, thank you, thank
Jade Mason
A Kinesiology session with Sarah-Jane began my quest to find my birth mother. I found her and it has been the most incredible reunion. I found my way back home and I mean that in so many ways. I cant
Sacha Cairns
I believe Guy Bennett specialises in resolving the most difficult issues.  I had ovarian pain for more than five years before I started kinesiology sessions.  I had all types of clinical investigations – including surgery, and I tried all types
When first attempting to come off antidepressants, I experienced dizzy spells, mood swings, irritability and a sense of removal from reality.  After a few weeks I also began to experience stomach pains, bloating, constipation, a feeling of something being stuck
Andrew Campbell
Words fail to describe the transformational effect of Guy Bennett’s kinesiology treatments.  For nearly five years I had suffered with panic and anxiety attacks.  I researched possible causes and treatments.  Numerous books, lectures, medications, doctors, counsellors, diets, hormonal checks and
Linda Thomas
Previously I had difficulty walking any distance because of extreme arthritic pain in my ankles.  After a couple of sessions with Guy, I completed a nine kilometre walk with no discomfort.  The pain never returned.  I suffer from high blood
Irma Munn
My main concerns at the time of my first session were digestive problems, lack of energy and sleepless nights.  My experience with Guy was truly profound!  To say the least, I was stunned.  After the treatment, I immediately felt better
Cindy Jordan